Analysis and strategy development

Successfully introducing new work requires clear and effective communication. Our team will support you in identifying stakeholders, developing communication goals and creating a comprehensive communication plan.

The communications plan accounts for the organisation and deadlines, as well as selected stakeholders, target groups and recipients. We engage in existing communications channels, extend them and agree on the content, language and weighting of push and pull communications with you.

  • Research
  • Communications analysis
  • Requirements
  • Foundational communications plan
  • Strategy and documentation


Our approach is to control expectations using publicity and persuasive efforts, minimising negative effects and cultivating openness to change. Using a transparent, continuous information flow, we aim to share information, strengthen comprehension and background knowledge and promote self-efficacy.

During implementation, this can take place via communication channels such as a project-related digital FAQ, podcast, the company’s own intranet or explanatory videos. Suitable, innovative communication formats such as lively “town hall” meetings, interactive workshops with Lego Serious Play or an event in the pilot space will make the concept and its values tangible.

  • Communications channels
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Internal communication
  • External communication
  • communication formats

Moving in

When you are moving into the beautiful new workplace, we rely on the tried-and-tested method of processing information gained from change management. Information needed for this step is disseminated, for example, in a relocation manual, informational materials or multidimensional events.

  • Relocation management
  • Relocation manual
  • Informational material
  • Event

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