Project Management

Our experienced project management team takes on management, coordinating, and monitoring all measures. We ensure that your project is completed on time, within the budgeted framework, and attains the quality objectives.

Regular updates on progress provide clarity and allow for course corrections if needed. This way, we steer projects toward successful implementation, maximizing the benefits of the new system, workspace, or culture.

Documentation and Controlling

Through decision templates, we maintain course, and comprehensive real-time protocols and schedules enable transparent collaboration and project control. We track deadlines and costs, conduct reportings, thus completing the quality management.

Lease Agreement

Careful alignment between the lease agreement and planned modifications is crucial for a smooth process. Together, we tackle this challenge.

We proactively address legal questions to recognize obstacles early and avert preventable conflicts. This ensures that all lease agreement requirements are considered, guaranteeing a successful project.

Client Representation

We ensure that communication with the landlord runs smoothly, refining and coordinating all requirements and concepts throughout the planning process.

To prevent potential issues, resistance, or low acceptance, we take a helicopter perspective and consistently advocate for the tenant's interests with the landlord. This approach ensures that your needs and requirements are appropriately considered in negotiations and decisions.

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