Analysis and strategy development

Our initial focus is on understanding your requirements and corporate culture. Our goal is to change your workplace and work opportunities over the long term and for the better.

Thoughtful preparation and planning of the transformation process ensures a seamless transition. Our team of experts will draw up a comprehensive implementation plan tailored to your individual needs. Throughout this process, we'll incorporate your corporate identity, positioning your company for sustained growth.

  • Target visions
  • Research
  • Chang triggers
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Answering the question "WHY"?
  • Strategy documentation
  • Change roadmap


True success in change and long-term growth lies in transforming corporate cultures. Our strategies are designed to tackle resistance head-on, engage employees, and propel the evolution toward a resilient work environment.

In facilitating optimal support for the new workplace, we furnish resources that empower your employees in their personal development, turning them into enthusiastic advocates for the change initiative. The outcomes of the interior design process and the finalized user concept form the bedrock of our approach.

  • Corporate culture
  • Pilot project
  • Activity-based work
  • Desk sharing
  • Clean desk
  • Coaching
  • Office etiquette
  • Mediation
  • Process and collaboration
  • Answering the question "WHY"?


We assist your employees in transitioning to the new work environment with tailored strategies that aid in letting go of the old and embracing the new. Thus, we cultivate an atmosphere that perceives change as an opportunity and facilitates the introduction of new ways of working.

We accompany you on-site, ensuring professional and informative communication with employees, as well as the seamless functioning of organizational processes.

  • Relocation management
  • Relocation manual
  • Welcome party


Change is an ongoing process that requires constant fine-tuning. Hence, we closely monitor project progress and swiftly address any challenges that arise. Moving into the new workplace marks the beginning of a fresh cycle, where committee work and employee satisfaction surveys can identify potential areas for improvement.

Understanding the move to a new workplace as the prelude to new collaboration forms, team dynamics, and personal development is our mission. Rest assured, you won't be navigating this journey alone, as we guide you in implementing changes that endure. This way, you can achieve sustainable business goals and foster a flexible working culture that empowers your employees with more autonomy.

  • Review process
  • Committee work
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Change implementation

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