Analysis and strategy development

Our team of architects, interior designers and communications experts combines various different perspectives, allowing the development of innovative ideas in the field of New Work architecture.

This creative approach generates implementable concepts that fulfil the needs of the modern world of work. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer tailor-made solutions in all work stages of the project.

  • Stage 1: Determination of planning context
  • Stage 2: Pre-planning
  • Stage 3: Draft planning


Foresight and meticulous planning are essential for a successful implementation phase. Our experienced architects will work carefully to ensure that all stages are completed with the utmost precision and to deadline.

Here, you can count on our construction experience in the New Work context, well-established processes and competent, engaged employees.

  • Stage 4: Approval planning
  • Stage 5: Project schedule
  • Stage 6: Preperation for tender
  • Stage 7: Participation in tendering
  • Stage 8: Object monitoring - structural monitoring


Your lasting satisfaction is our most heartfelt desire. We place particular value on continuing to be there for our customers even after the completion of their New Work environment.

As a client, you have the security of our quality standards and can rest assured that the complete refit will fulfil the complex demands of New Work.

  • Stage 9: Building supervision

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