Delivery Hero's New Headquarters Embarks on an Innovative Journey with neotares Consult

neotares Consult has been collaborating with Delivery Hero since its inception in 2015, forming a partnership rooted in both companies' substantial growth over the years. From around 250 employees situated on Berlin's Mohrenstraße to an impressive global workforce of nearly 25,000, Delivery Hero has rapidly evolved into a publicly listed company. neotares, with 30 employees across three locations, plays a pivotal role in supporting Delivery Hero's ongoing development. The recent acquisition of the approximately 17,500 m2 former main telegraph office in Berlin Mitte serves as a foundational step towards creating the company's own campus, complementing the previously rented west and east gatehouses and telephone exchange. In addition to the existing nearly 1,450 workstations in the heart of Berlin, approximately 930 more workstations will be established.

The collaboration between neotares and Delivery Hero spans various services, from assisting in finding a new location to strategically designing the workspace. neotares played a crucial role in rental negotiations for the Fernsprechamt and Torhaus Ost. Serving as a high-level partner and contact, neotares assumed project management and controlling roles in the tenant's fit-out, including designing furniture layouts and tendering for new standard furniture. Aligning with its motto, "a beautiful new workplace," neotares introduced a tailored concept for the spaces in the west gatehouse, extending it to cover the telephone exchange and east gatehouse.

This unique, long-term partnership has witnessed neotares supporting Delivery Hero's journey from a startup to a DAX company. Observing the various stages of development closely has provided the opportunity to capture and implement exciting trends in workplace development. As a mid-sized international group, Delivery Hero, alongside neotares Consult, is breaking new ground—this includes considerations for setting up, development, flexibility, and continuous adaptation to accommodate 100 countries under one roof.

In the realm of workplace design, customization to align with the customer's working practices is paramount. For Delivery Hero, the incorporation of flat hierarchies, progress, and inclusivity into the new workplace was crucial. This is manifested through flexible workplace concepts, multi-space room solutions, desk sharing, and smart office settings, such as trackable occupancy rates and sensor-equipped workspaces.

While the Telephone Exchange and West Gatehouse were already expanded in 2014/2015, the expansion of the East Gatehouse began in 2018/2019. In the third quarter of 2020, another step into the future was taken: Delivery Hero leased 17,500 m2 of new office space through the Freiberger Unternehmensgruppe and, in collaboration with neotares Consult, initiated the planning phase. The property in question is the former Main Telegraph Office in Berlin (Oranienburger Straße 73–76, 10117 Berlin). Given its seamless proximity to the already occupied spaces in the Telephone Exchange and East Gatehouse, the wing of the Main Telegraph Office completes the finishing touch for a Delivery Hero Campus. The decision to locate their headquarters here stems from the central location in Berlin. As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, Delivery Hero aims to provide all employees with an urban working experience at the heart of Berlin. The choice of the Main Telegraph Office was influenced by the expansion opportunities on the sites of the previously planned and developed buildings.

The new workplace and spatial concept at Delivery Hero places a strong emphasis on aligning with its corporate culture. Diversity and equal treatment, alongside profitability, are at the forefront of the company's priorities. This diversity is evident in the spatial concept and working practices, contributing to high employee satisfaction. The workplace experience and flexible work arrangements enable a balance between focused work and collaboration. Cutting-edge amenities and the orientation of workspaces tailored to the needs of employees bring the New Work trend to life.

The historic main telegraph office in Berlin adds a unique working atmosphere, creating a bridge between the past and the future. The listed building's interiors pay tribute to its history while embracing progress as part of daily life. Delivery Hero's ethos revolves around constant evolution, leaving no room for standing still.

The main telegraph office is expected to be completed by mid-2022, marking the moment when Delivery Hero will move into its new office space. neotares will continue to support Delivery Hero throughout this process, from laying the first inches of electric cabling to detailed planning and design of each workstation, providing flexible options and more. The existing facilities will also evolve, with neotares spearheading changes, including plans for a new welcome desk, a breakout area with a café, and versatile meeting spaces.

Beyond Berlin, Delivery Hero is exploring development opportunities globally. This enduring collaboration goes beyond mere expediency—it is a partnership built on mutual trust and appreciation. neotares Consult looks forward to future projects and expresses gratitude to Delivery Hero for this exceptional collaboration!

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