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Is my work environment modern enough in order to win new talents?
I feel like many workplaces are empty - where are the employees?
How do I increase the quality of space and add more work spaces at the same time?
Have you had the same or similar thoughts?

We are happy to consult you with an individually defined service package just for you. We design your SCHÖNE NEUE ARBEITSWELT with our tools, knowledge of the market, and qualifications just as you need it.
To examine all available resources of your space, we not only review location and infrastructure, but also solve complex questions about terms of lease and ensure your requirements are implemented to your satisfaction.

we get to know you

What is your ambition?
How do you want to work in the future?
What values does your company represent?

We transfer these, and many more details with a little help from materiality, lighting, and colors into the room.

A well-conceived design concept facilitates combining two fundamental aspects: representative visitor area and personal staff area.
Our goal:
Allowing to feel and live your company's character sustainably.

Committed, with new ideas and an eye for detail, we develop your own SCHÖNE NEUE ARBEITSWELT.

w/e give it to you straight

The correct transfer of knowledge between all parties of a project is fundamental when it comes to a project’s success or failure.
A short interview with Eva-Maria Käs, neotares project team communication

Ms. Käs, communication is becoming a more and more influential part in companies and employees. What are your thoughts on this development?
I think it’s a great development! Change is everywhere nowadays and there are two aspects we should not forget about: if we don’t communicate correctly, we either get an overload of information or no information at all.

What changes are essential for communication?
Change evokes stress for the human brain and therefore leads to rejection at first. Communication, however, helps overcome this stress and builds bridges between the ones making decisions and their employees. Change can be a very individual process – as are our tools and solutions.

Would you elaborate?
We make sure that despite all the changes necessary, the company never loses its profile, values, and expertise. By a number of operations, such as workshops, seminars, excursions, and surveys, we continuously connect to the future workspace. Conversations on an equal footing, transparency, and participation are our routines.

Some may react hesitant to the new concepts; what do you respond?
Putting concepts into practice works most efficiently if we ourselves believe in what we’re selling. Communicating directly, including various committees, giving ideas space to develop their full potential, recognizing needs. All too often, already existing communication departments don’t have the resources needed and that is where we come in. We support them with our professional expertise.

What happens to communication once the company is relocated?
That’s the actual starting point for us, because this is when new action fields emerge and the changes that were discussed in theory now stand out in practice. It is our job to make the employees feel comfortable with the new work environment, so they adapt and develop to their best.

One last question, Ms. Käs. What do you like best about your job?
I find it very motivating to collaborate successfully. To me, change always comes with the potential of improvement and I would hate to see it wasted.








we keep an eye on things

We have been accompanying some of our established customers for over 3 years now - a clear sign for reliability and trust. We look forward to doing the same for your office space and beyond.

What do we offer?
As a central interface between all project participants involved, we represent your interests and general concerns. This indicates we are always one step ahead to make groundbreaking decisions. Based on our experience, we take measures and manage your appointments. We make construction quality our priority.